Everyone deserves to live in a clean and sanitized environment - but who wants to actually do all the cleaning? With Dustaway, you can now kick back, relax and let us take care of the cleaning!

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These packages are sure to cover all your cleaning needs! Choose between our packages for General cleaning, Post-Renovation and Upholstery cleaning!


Our NEA-certified disinfection service is designed to protect you and your family members from harmful viruses and bacteria. Our specialized...
Starting from $188
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Upholstery Cleaning

Our upholstery deep clean service can clean the toughest stains but gentle enough not to damage your furniture, keeping your...
Starting from $150
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Post Renovation / Tenancy Cleaning

Our post-renovation / tenancy specialist cleaning service is perfect for those looking for a deep clean for a place that...
Starting from $380
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Yay my mommy is finally covid negative. Here's @dustawaysvcs doing the Post Isolation Disinfection for her bedroom & toilet. Wiping ALL the high touch areas meticulously. Yes, even our aircon remote control. Super thoughtful & thorough. Cleaner mopped down the whole area and he's really super thorough. He made sure all the corners are clean and safe so my pets can come back in to chill. So grateful for @dustawaysvcs . Fogging the whole room for a second time to make sure all the areas are clean and safe for the furkids to play around again. Yes, this disinfection service is safe for kids & pets.

Miyake Tan

I remembered seeing @yutakis posting about @dustawaysvcs upholstery service. I know taki loves their cleaning service, but I desperately need that steaming and cleaning mattress service to save my itchy nose and eyes. So I dropped a DM to book an appointment. When @dustawaysvcs showed me this, I was like... Well, that explains why I have an allergic reaction. This also proves tat the usual vacuum cleaner cannot keep my mattress clean. I will engage their upholstery service again because its exactly 1 month today since I got my mattress cleaned by them, and I did not experience sneezing, block nose or itchy red eyes anymore, and I would highly recommend this service to everyone!


Since confinement days, Shawn and I were on our own 😱 No confinement lady, no helper till date and an extremely active rascal! The last time I did a throughly cleaning was before I went back to work, that’s a year ago! The thought of engaging part time cleaning service has always been on my mind so I’m glad @dustawaysvcs found me! It was a 3 hours session and the cleaner helped me with all my curtain blinds, windows, shelving, glass panels, mirrors and moping the floor! The moment she left, Shawn was already asking me when am I booking our next session 😂

Charlotte Lum

It’s been 6 months since I first started using Dust Away Services. I opted for the fortnightly cleaning service and I never fail to be impressed by how clean my house can be. The helper is super meticulous in cleaning and never misses out any spots. My toilet is grout-free and squeaky clean. Every single corner of my house is dust free. Most importantly, I really enjoy the flexibility of fixing the appointments for cleaning around my schedule. I don’t think that my house would even be so clean prior to this. I’d definitely recommend this to everybody who simply have no time to do house chores or if you’re just lazy like me.

Wilson Chew

Booked a spring cleaning session for the office. What I expected was an auntie turning up at the office to clean. Instead, they sent a team of people to tackle the mess that my office is. We were so impressed with how meticulous they were that we immediately proceeded to throw more things out of the office so that they can help us more next time. 5 stars.

Euodia Tan

No regret engaging Dust Away Services instead of ID post reno general cleaning for my post reno cleaning. Really save the hassle of cleaning up the whole house after moving. They assisted to wash, scrub and wipe cabinets, toilets, empty furnitures and etc.. It took about 3-4 hours for the cleanup. Will rate it 8.5/10 as some areas are being missed out but they are willing to touchup on those areas.

Melissa Cheng

Got Dust Away Services to help with my post reno cleaning. Friendly staff arrived promptly on the dot, and I came back to a much cleaner and fresher house! The windows were stained with years of dirt from the reno and previous owners, but were completely see through after the team was done with them. Two thumbs up!

Marilyn Loui

Just completed my post-reno service with dust away. I sat with them throughout the entire process and witnessed how meticulous they were. They brought their own cleaning equipments as well as ladders. Windows, fans as well ceiling lights were dust free at the end. The lady even went out of her way to clean my front door entrance.